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What a High School Diploma Means in Mexico

The economic and emotional value of a high school diploma cannot be undersold.

How Comics are Helping Walmart Prepare 200K Women for Work

Through DesafĂ­o W, an online platform modeled after a comic book, Chilean youth will develop the skills needed to succeed in the retail industry. The game is part of a major Walmart Foundation initiative to train young women for their first job in retail.

IYF Rolls Out Youth Entrepreneurship Training Across Africa & the Middle East

In August, four countries joined a growing list of nations where the innovative Build Your Business (BYB) initiative will begin to empower youth to enter the world of entrepreneurship. The International Youth Foundation (IYF) began...

Building Your Own Business? A New Curriculum Helps Young People Find Success

Micro and small businesses are enormously important, serving as engines of economic growth in communities across the globe. In developing African countries in particular, small start ups, when successful, can play a positive role in the day-to-day survival of those living at the bottom of the...