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This Combination Is Key to Work Readiness in South Africa

"We have to help give our learners and interns practical work experience and training."

How These Silicon Valley Employees Found Themselves in Tanzania

The city of Arusha sits only about 65 miles from Mount Kilimanjaro but across two continents and nearly 10,000 miles from Mountain View, San Francisco, and San Jose, California. Last month, employees from tech companies headquartered there—Facebook, Pinterest, and Cisco, respectively—made the trip to East Africa as volunteers with Silicon Valley-based nonprofit Team4Tech.

Growth Sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa Offer Promise for Youth Employment

The International Youth Foundation (IYF) has released a new Rockefeller Foundation-commissioned report, Analysis of ICT-...

The Role of Technology in Preparing Disadvantaged Youth for the World of Work

To what extent does information and communication technologies (ICT) training enhance the ability of underserved youth to learn employability skills and find a job? According to a recent study conducted in three Latin American countries on behalf of the International Youth Foundation (IYF),...