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The Future of Youth Education in Post-Conflict Colombia

Sergio Fajardo Valderramaa mathematician, university professor, and former Mayor of Medellín (2004-2007) and Governor of Antioquia (2012-2015)contributed to Medellín’s social transformation and new image and has received many awards and honors for distinguished...

3 Strategies for Addressing the Skills Mismatch in Latin America

An IYF webinar offers strategies currently being implemented in the region to address the gap between employer needs and youth competencies.

In Mozambique, A Former Basketball Star Takes Aim at Youth Unemployment

Ilídio Caifaz, IYF’s Country Director in Mozambique, is charged with bringing about change.

Soft Skills, Hard Work, and Cake

A few months ago, when IYF’s job placement team in Morocco secured a position for the 900th young person, they celebrated with a cake, a small Alice in Wonderland-style gâteau with the number 900 written on the top. Then, two weeks later, they found jobs for another 100 young people. So, what to do—buy another cake?