Request for Proposals: Labor Market Assessment Consultant, Indonesia


The International Youth Foundation seeks a Labor Market Assessment Consultant for financial literacy and life skills curriculum in Indonesia. The YouthWin through Economic Participation Project (YEP) is an initiative of Financial Markets International, Inc. (FMI), the International Youth Foundation (IYF), and the Global Economic Education Alliance (GEEA), supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

YEP will drive a systemic change in how, where, and what economic skills are taught to empower poor and vulnerable youth ages 18-34 in Indonesia. These foundational economic skills will facilitate attaining employment, succeeding in that employment, and effectively participating in the economy and financial system.

The YEP implementation approach has three overall objectives: 1) create an innovative blend of market-relevant content and pedagogy that bridges the most common gaps to economic participation for poor and vulnerable youth; 2) develop effective training delivery channels across technical and vocational educational institutions to prepare poor and vulnerable youth for work in any chosen path; and 3) build cross-sector stakeholder buy-in to establish sustainable financial and life-skills education of youth and scale-up at the district, provincial, and national level. YEP will scale-up through ownership and engagement of key government agencies (including the GOI securities regulator, the OJK, which has overall responsibility for financial literacy education), employers, local implementers, and innovative training-of-trainer (TOT) models.

To fulfill the first two objectives, YEP will create and pilot a training curriculum that combines financial literacy and life skills. The report produced in the present consultancy will inform the development of the curriculum materials and implementation strategy and will provide baseline data to determine the effectiveness of the program in meeting its goals through evaluation and assessment.

IYF seeks to contract an individual consultant or firm to conduct a labor market assessment. The assessment will analyze:

  1. The financial literacy and life skill needs of young men and women ages 18-34 in West Java;
  2. Availability, quality, and relevance of existing financial literacy and life skills offerings in the institutions YEP will target;
  3. Potential barriers to finding employment and participating in the economy and financial system that would affect the successful implementation of YEP’s curriculum and recommendations to mitigate these challenges; and
  4. The existing (baseline) state of financial literacy and life skills of the target audience, the poor and vulnerable youth of Indonesia.

Findings will inform the content to be included in the YEP curriculum; the implementation strategy to deliver the YEP curriculum; and the evaluation and assessment of the outcomes of the project on learning, attitudes, and behavior relating to financial literacy and life skills.

Based on the key areas of inquiry and the deliverables defined below, the consultant will consult with FMI, IYF, and GEEA to design data collection tools, conduct primary research, and use quantitative and qualitative analysis tools to submit a report of their findings to the YEP partners (IYF, GEEA, and FMI).

Data will be gathered from major stakeholders including the OJK, Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration (MMP), provincial and district educational institutions (including BLK, LPK, and SMK), regional employers and associations, youth-serving institutions, community organizations and NGOs, and poor and vulnerable youth themselves.

Key Areas of Inquiry

  1. Nature of existing financial literacy and life skills training, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behavior across the target population, including:
    • Discovery of existing data concerning financial literacy program delivery and outcomes;
    • Survey of current curriculum materials used by financial services companies to deliver law-prescribed financial literacy programs to clients;
    • Census of educational institutions delivering financial literacy and life skills training programs in West Java;
    • Survey of employers to determine the extent of employer-provided training programs in the financial literacy and life skills domains; and
    • Identification of NGOs and local non-profits providing financial literacy and life skills training programs in West Java.
  2. High-demand financial literacy and life skills.
  3. Barriers to economic participation for youth.
  4. Barriers to participation in training for youth and target institutions.
  5. Receptiveness of youth and young adult populations to receiving financial literacy and life skills training.


No. Task/ Deliverable
1. Data collection tools (e.g., interview protocols, baseline assessment batteries) approved by YEP partners
2. Draft report on Key Areas of Inquiry submitted to YEP partners
3. Final report approved by YEP partners

The consultant must possess the following qualifications:

  • 5+ years of experience conducting needs assessments, labor market assessments, and/or other relevant studies in Indonesia
  • Experience in pre- and post-educational assessment strategies
  • Knowledge of financial literacy and life skills content and standards
  • Extensive knowledge of West Java culture, economy, and institutions.

Proposals for this assignment should include the following:

  • Understanding of the assignment and how it would be executed. Please mention the financial literacy standards/framework/research that would be used to guide the consultant’s recommendations during the assessment (10 pages maximum)
  • Estimated timeline for the assignment (4 months maximum)
  • Financial proposal for the assignment including a detailed breakdown of costs
  • Detailed qualifications including CVs of key team members
  • Bio data sheet (for individuals)
  • Three references
  • Examples of previously developed financial education materials.

Please submit your proposal in English to Kat Backof at by Friday, March 24.