Kat Backof

  • Program Manager, Eurasia
  • United States

Kat joined IYF in 2013 with six years of experience in education and research. She most recently served as Program Coordinator for Outreach with a congressionally mandated scholarship program for naturalized US citizens. Previously, she contributed to the development of a bi-literacy curriculum for use in Ghanaian primary schools, supported professional development for teachers, and conducted research on vocabulary acquisition and use of technology with English language learners in the United States, among other projects. Prior to moving to the Baltimore-Washington area, she taught primary-level English and worked with American college students in France; she also lived in Morocco for a short time. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Dickinson College in 2007.

Facts About Kat Backof
  • Languages: Arabic, English, French
  • Country of birth United States
  • Hobbies: Cycling