Sadie Bertier

  • Operations Coordinator
  • United States

Sadie joined IYF in 2015 as an Operations Coordinator supporting programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Before coming to IYF, Sadie worked at The Family Tree, a Baltimore non-profit dedicated to preventing child abuse in the state of Maryland. She also spent two years in Florida, working with government programs handling case management and legislative work. Sadie graduated with honors from the Pennsylvania State University, with a dual bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Print Journalism. She is also pursuing her Master of Public Administration from Clemson University with a concentration in non-profit and emergency management. Not one to stay put, Sadie bounces around from place to place in the Baltimore/Western Maryland area with her dog, Peanut.

Facts About Sadie Bertier
  • Languages: English
  • Country of birth United States
  • Hobbies: Camping, hiking, and fitness