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7 Lessons for Working with Orphans & Vulnerable Children

Orphans and vulnerable children have unique needs and challenges overall, and particularly as they strive to continue their education and join the workforce. 

4 Lessons from 15 Years of Investing in Youth Social Innovation

What will it take to end the scourge of gender-based violence that is tearing apart so many lives and communities? How do we more effectively prepare our youth for success in the 21st Century workforce? How are we to deal with the calamity of climate change?

New IYF Publication Highlights Strategies for Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship

How do you promote entrepreneurship among disadvantaged youth, especially in low-income communities where resources are few and youth are largely considered ‘unbankable?’ The answer to this question is the subject of ...

Multilateral Investment Fund Releases Report on Youth Employment

More than half of the 19,649 young people from across Latin America who participated in a comprehensive job training initiative were employed as a result, according to the final report of the entra21 program. An initiative of the International Youth Foundation, entra21 was created in...