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At Launch, New Devex Youth Channel Describes Urgent ‘Youth Spring’

Focus on: Youth serves as a new platform for positive youth development news and stories. Available on the Devex website, the channel launches in partnership IYF, The MasterCard Foundation, CSIS, and Devex.

4 Ways to Drive Youth Economic Opportunities in Indonesia

For me, getting the numbers right—particularly when they are measuring young people’s wellbeing—is critically important to how we shape meaningful youth development programs and strategies. Unfortunately, statistics around youth employment, perhaps the most significant indicator of whether a young person will lead a productive and successful life, may not paint an accurate or complete picture.

New Partnership for Employability in Africa

Partnerships are at the core of our work at IYF. Knowing that each collaboration allows us to reach more of the world's youth with the skills, tools, and connections to access new opportunities, we're proud to begin teaming with the Initiative for Global Development (IGD).

Hospitality Employees Learn Life Skills Underwater

Should you answer a text message while talking with your supervisor? How do you resolve workplace conflicts with your colleagues?