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4 Benefits of Youth Engagement by Infrastructure and Natural Resource Companies

While so much about our world keeps changing—especially in the way businesses expand and contract, technology evolves, and careers are built or destroyed—certain industries will continue to power our markets and daily lives.

How a Cross-Border Learning Exchange Values Youth Perspective

As different as one country can seem from the next, too many challenges unite us—especially around youth opportunity.

Young Voices from Prison: Invest in Us So We Don’t End Up Here!

Alvin clears off his space in the kitchen and brings over the makings of a big salad. His hair is neatly combed back, he’s wearing his uniform and, after taking a quick look out the window at the sparkling blue waters below, he gets to work. But Alvin, age 28, is not working in a restaurant...

Expanding Opportunities for Young People: A Mother’s Perspective

I recently watched my son Franklin graduate from law school—surely a moment to be treasured by his parents. As I sat back in the auditorium to savor the moment, I thought about the opportunities that were now open to him to pursue in his life, and how fortunate he was to have those choices. I...